5 hacks to sell your paintings

5 hacks to sell your paintings

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You don’t have to stress about your selling, we have you covered.

Confused about how to sell your art? Then you have come to the right place. If you are an artist who is new and planning to start your business, the market can be quite a scary place. Buyers are generally interested in artists they already know. The online market is equally challenging. There are loads of websites that offer artists opportunities to market and sell their work directly to buyers. Most of the time, the websites look similar and are not easy to use. It gets difficult to understand which website is suitable or what is the correct procedure to sell your artwork. To help you through this confusion, we have a petite list of 5 hacks that would make selling art online a much easier task. Read up and happy selling.

5 hacks to sell your paintings
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  1. Charge suitably for your product

We cannot tell you how much your product is worth. You need to understand the value of your own talent. You must charge your product accordingly. But remember not to undercharge your product. When you charge your work, keep it in mind that your customer will appreciate it according to the price. If the price is too low chances are your work will not be much appreciated or valued for. A correct and appropriate pricing will make your customers treasure your work more. Also, when you have just started to sell your work, price your product according to the level of skill you are going to project. Unless you have a set of exceptional skills do not overcharge our work and save yourself some disappointment.

2. Look for good platforms to sell your work

The very first and most used website is Amazon. It is one of the best platforms for anyone to sell anything. The next app you can try is Artfire. It offers you a great market for people willing to sell and buy art and craft all around the world. There is Artsy which provides an online platform to thousands of artists, gallery owners, craftsmen, and dealers. Etsy is a popular site for everyone who is interested in selling and buying artworks online. Check out Saatchi Art which is one of the leading online galleries. The site offers an online manual that gives you a brief on how the selling works and it is used by more than 600,000 artists. If you ask where do I sell my paintings? You can do it through the working artist or OtherPeoplesPixels which is an original platform for artists that is very easy to use.

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5 hacks to sell your paintings
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3. Get your commission in writing
You don’t want to be fooled or left unpaid. This is a way to protect yourself and your art from frauds. You might come across people who may not pay you or may change the price you had agreed upon. It is crucial that you make a legal written contract with your clients, in this way you can safeguard yourself as an artist. You need to be extremely specific with what your customer is expecting while what you are planning to give your client. Record all the details and get it written down in your contract. A small piece of paper can carry lots of importance and weight. Get two copies: one for you and one for your client. Have yours and your clients’ signature on the contract.

4. Always ask for a deposit

Getting a deposit is always a good idea if you don’t want to lose your clients. There are slight chances that your client might ditch you at the last moment and decide against buying your work. There are honestly no disadvantages of getting a deposit from your clients. It only improves your image as a professional artist in the market. You need to be well planned and think ahead of this situation. Don’t forget to ask for a deposit for your selling. If an unfortunate situation arises when your customer is not satisfied with the work you are offering then at least you can get something out of the deal for your time and effort. Also, you get to keep the art.

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5 hacks to sell your paintings
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5. Popular themes, subjects, and genres

Art is something that helps connect the viewers to their feelings. But art only sells when your painting triggers your clients’ past or emotional memory. Look for popular art themes or art subjects that sell more. The rule is to monetize your art. Find out scenes or themes like traditional landscapes, abstracts, animals, figure studies, or nudes that are likely to attract your customers. Choose the colors that sell best. For example, abstract paintings are often bought to match room interiors. Experiment your color scheme with prints for better sell like litho prints, giclee prints, or any other original prints.

Brace yourselves and get ready to sell your art in the market with the help of these hacks.

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