6 Tools to Stop Your Devs and Designers Strangling Each Other

devs and designers

If you’re working in web development, product development, or any other areas where developers and designers have to work together, then you have probably heard about the frequent catfights that they have.

The common problems are –

  • Lack of tools or software for communication.
  • Both not understanding what the intended output is.

Designers and developers work in entirely different ways and have different mentalities which are linked to designers being right-brained and developers being left-brained. But proper communication and understanding are required between them in order to get the work done.

With developers and designers being in remote places, the communication gap only widens and creates more problems. This article will talk about ways to help your devs and designers from strangling each other.

Constant Communication

The devs and the designers need to maintain a line of constant communication between them to generate the desired results. Companies have been adopting scrum methodologies for better communication between teams.

Mockup tools

These days, with rapid advancements in technology and cloud technology being invented, there are many mockup tools available online.

A mockup tool isn’t something a designer prefers to use, but for the developers to understand they may use it. The UI/UX experts in developer teams can easily understand these mockups.

There are many mockup tools like Balsamiq, UXPin, and Moqups that are widely used by firms.

Job management tools

With cloud technology influencing every other sector, many software and tools are now available online 24/7. Tools like Quikflw help make our tasks more manageable.

You can easily assign, reassign, schedule, reschedule tasks, and also keep an eye on the progress of an employee with ease. These tools also automate repetitive tasks that an employee might have to do.

Direct Communication is best

With designers and developers spread across the globe, a platform or room where they can come together is a necessity. With “virtual rooms” provided by technologies like video conferencing, devs and designers can meet face to face. Though not physically, they can still raise issues, discuss, and take the necessary decisions with ease.

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In this technology-driven world, we often forget that a quick call is an easy and effective way to communicate, compared to texts or emails. Texts and emails sometimes may not convey the correct information though it seems like it.

Teams should be encouraged to communicate effectively in any and every way possible to ensure that the company delivers its products on time and efficiently.

Being a team leader, you need to ensure that your devs and designers go back and forth and communicate effectively. Else how can you expect them to work together and give the desired outputs? Also it is very beneficial to attend six sigma training.

Continuous video-calls, site visits, and some basic team building activities can help bring the team together and develop better relations.

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