Tips For Locating A Renowned Suppliers

Tips For Locating A Renowned Suppliers

Once you have the idea of what you are going to sell and a workable business plan, then all you need to do is to locate a renowned and experienced supplier of your industry niche and product category. The first thing that you will visit is the internet. The internet is an excellent and widely-used source of information but before you start with the internet browsing, consider visiting these places first:

Explore the abysses of Google:

The internet is the home of several search engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo and many more. Naturally, this makes the search engines the best place to initiate the searching process. Numerous suppliers and traders own an outdated website which doesn’t provide you with enough relevant data and information. That’s why you have to dig a little deeper and search a little harder to find the competent supplier for your products. Search beyond the first three result pages to improve your search quality and increase your suppliers’ options.


If searching doesn’t work for you, then you simply Google the online suppliers directory premium. These directories are filled with hundreds and thousands of profiles of international and domestic suppliers and traders. Some of the widely-preferred online directories are listed below:

  1. AliExpress
  2. IndiaMart
  3. Kompass
  4. MFG
  5. ThomasNet
  6. Bambify
  7. Makers Row

Local library:

Most of the libraries provide you access to the online business directories, and suppliers directory premium as these libraries pay subscription charges on a monthly basis. You can inquire the librarian about having access to such directories.

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Social platforms and forums:

Social platforms and networking have made it easier for business people to market their brand and products through digital channels. Platforms like LinkedIn is of great help when it comes to locating a renowned supplier.

Niche-specific platforms and forums are also a great source of getting information about the suppliers and traders related to your industry and product category.

Apart from these three basic research tips, there are tons of ideas and research techniques that you might find helpful. However before to start the search process, have a clear idea about what type of supplier you are searching for. There are several options, from which the most common ones are:

A manufacturer/producer to convert your product idea into reality.

A supplier/distributor to buy products for resale purposes.

A drop-shipper to deliver the placed orders of brands and products.

Once you know the type of supplier you need, the next thing to consider is the sourcing of the products. Whether you want to source it domestically or internationally. Many times international sourcing refers to sourcing of products and goods in the Asian landscapes and countries like China, Taiwan, and India because of low production cost.


Finding the right supplier for your products and goods is not an easy task. Sometimes it is a great experience for fresh entrepreneurs most of the times it is a time-consuming and frustrating job to do. It requires patience, perseverance and continuous efforts to find the right business partner.

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