The 4 Best Key Features Of AngularJS That Are Currently Trending

If you are thinking about investing in single-page applications, then there is none better than AngularJS. It has been highly acclaimed in the business when it comes to developing some of the biggest websites. The best part is that it is completely free and open to all. So, you can consider using it without any problems related to licensing.

Here in this post, we are going to talk about the top features of Angular JS that will help you grow significantly. Let’s get started and help you get your application ready in no time.

4 Best Key Features Of AngularJS

When it comes to AngularJS, it comes with a huge set of developers who can get all your problems resolved in terms of app development. Its features make web development hassle-free.

Here, we are in the primary section of the article, where we will discuss the top features of Angular that will help you with the benefits you are hunting for.

1. Two-way data binding

One of the reasons that makes this feature quite a prominent one is because it allows dynamic representation of your website. It helps you sync your data of the model automatically with view components.

When the data of the model is modified, the same is in effect for the view components as well, and visa-versa. It works both ways. All this synchronization works automatically with the use of watches and scope variables.

All these aspects make it easy for the developers to create views that are dynamic and respond to user actions in real-time. It comes with many advantages as well, and a few of them are specified below.

  • The biggest advantage is that the developers won’t have to spend time drafting DOM manipulation code for regular updates.
  • Another major perk that comes along with this feature is the automatic sync between view and model data during any update.
  • The major pro that you get with the respective feature is that the View remains in sync with the model data, and that too without any kind of additional coding.
  • It plays a key role in making development easier by separating data handling logic from view logic.
  • Lastly, it completely curbs code complexity and the chances of any kind of bug getting down significantly. It cuts down any kind of option for manual updates.
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2. MVVM architecture

Another major attribute that comes with the use of AngularJS is the Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) pattern. This feature comes in handy for user interface development. It is known for separating applications into three primary logical components. This includes:

  • Model: This covers business logic and application-related data.
  • View: This aspect covers User interface and interactions.
  • View-Model: This connects the model and View segment and eventually makes them work together to enhance user interactions.

If you are thinking about what this feature is all about, then below are some of the key aspects that can help you understand:

  • Views are presented in the HTML form. It comes with built-in directives that connect with the view model.
  • The view-model segment is all about highlighting view behavior and model data.
  • Business Logic and scope data are connected using controllers.

This feature is all about offering proper code maintainability and testability. This means you can have new features added without having to code anything separately. This is considered to be one of the most beneficial aspects of developing SPA applications.

3. Declarative templates and dependency injection

The third popular attribute that comes along with the AngularJS domain is Declarative Templates and Dependency Injection. We all know Angular JS is known for using HTML to present views. It is a templating language that helps in the process of highlighting views.

Filters, data binding syntax, directives, and expressions are supported by the respective templating engine. Below are some of the essential features that come along the process.

  • Reusability across all templates
  • Built-in directives to perform common tasks.
  • Being able to develop custom directives that help in defining new HTML tags.
  • The data can be transformed before display with the help of Filter pipelines.
  • Lastly, it comes with an Interpolation syntax that helps in the process of JavaScript expressions.

4. Rich component architecture

The last and the most essential feature of all is Component Architecture. It is robust and rich in attributes that make it easy to proceed ahead with complex app structures. It helps in making applications in smaller segments that can be easy to manage and run. The smaller segments include:

    • Services: One of the major segments of the respective process is Services. It comes with reusable business logic that is completely independent of views. This segment is completely responsible for aspects like data collection, processing, and lastly, storage.
    • Controllers: Another major segment that makes the process easier is Controllers. It is known to control the behavior of views and data. Not only this, but it also ensures that the data is transferred from services and exposed for viewing.
    • Directives: Custom directives are known to encapsulate reusable view logic into elements. This helps in the process of extension of HTML to the new domain.
    • Factories/Providers: Another segment that is in play is the factory pattern, which helps in the process of developing objects that are infused into controllers and services. It assists in the procedure of abstract data accessibility.
    • Filters: Another segment is Filters, which is considered to format display values. This is done with the help of filter pipes that are available in templates.
  • Routing: It is known to provide client-side routing. It helps in breaking applications into multiple views.
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This comprehensive component architecture makes applications highly structured, scalable, and maintainable by separating various types of concerns. Each component has a well-defined purpose, and their dependencies are clearly defined for easy troubleshooting.


Hopefully, you are clear on the features that you need to have in context with AngularJS in use for your needs of application development. These features have made Angular JS one of the most prominent and leading frameworks for development. It not only makes the process of development productive but also data-driven for your needs for single-page applications. So, whenever you are investing in an AngularJS application, make sure to remember these features without a second thought. Good luck!

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