Electric Scooter Franchise: What Is It And How Much Does It Cost

Starting an electric scooter rental business you need to decide what type of software to get for it. There are three basic ways to get a solution for this case.

  1. You can get a standard on-shelve application developed in a basic mode with a similar design to lots of competitors. It’s cheap but it needs time and additional costs to adjust it.
  2. You can apply for custom app development. That’s a bingo when you have extra money to invest in a custom application and extra time before the start. As usual, both these cbest soccer jerseys dallas cowboys slippers mens wmns air 1 mid jordan 4 cheap custom dallas stars jersey cheap soccer jerseys nfl gear shop adut toys eagles jersey custom paintball jerseys luvme human hair wigs adidas yeezy shoes wigs for sale custom dallas stars jersey air jordan 1 element ircumstances are lacking.
  3. Apply for an electric scooter franchise. That option is available today in RexSoft and you can evaluate its bright sides.

So, let’s talk about what is RexSoft’s electric scooter franchise and how much it cost for a novice e-scooter rental company.

What Is the Essence of RexSoft’s Electric Scooter Franchise

When we start a new business, it is very difficult to foresee everything, and it is especially difficult to calculate the budget to cover all the basic expenses. And often it is the cost of developing software for an electric scooter business that takes up the most resources. To get effective and reliable software for your business, today it is not at all necessary to order development from scratch. There is such a convenient thing as an electric scooter franchise from RexSoft.

The essence of the franchise is that you get a finished product that performs the functions of a client application and CRM, developed by our best developers. At the same time, experts customize the application for your business individually to meet all the needs that you have.

Electric Scooter Franchise: What is It and How Much Does it Cost?

In this case, you do not have to pay for the full development. The conditions for obtaining an electric scooter franchise are very convenient for business owners:

  • You pay an initial payment for installing the application, its debugging, future support, and testing. The total cost of the electric scooter franchise basic payment is $6400, which is actually 10 times less than the cost of the application MVP itself.
  • Thereafter, you pay a monthly franchise fee based on the number of e-scooters in your fleet. The more of them, the lower the rate per fleet unit. For a fleet of 30 scooters, the fee for each will be $8 per month, but for large fleets of 120+, the cost is only $5 per month.

And that’s it! No additional commissions and payments!

Benefits of Applying for an E-Scooter Rental App Franchise

So, you have already learned that there is an opportunity to save money on software development for your electric scooter business. Now it is worth dwelling in more detail on the benefits that you can get from such a solution for a startup.

  • The minimum time to get a ready-made solution, its installation and debugging in your company. If developing an application for an electric scooter business usually takes more than 1000+ hours, then it is quite possible to get a franchise up and running in a matter of days.
  • Ongoing developer support. The RexSoft team stays in touch with you all the time. You can count on support, assistance, and qualified maintenance services.
  • Electric scooter franchise cost is significantly more profitable than buying an application developed for you. You do not have to invest significant money, and the business will pay off very quickly.

If you are serious about starting your electric scooter business, think through every little detail. And save only on reliable solutions, such as RexSoft’s electric scooter rental application franchise.

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