Website Sale Growth: Your Important Requirement

Website Sale Growth: Your Important Requirement

While you look at shop optimization measures and improved product ideas there are ways to increase your site’s sales will focus on marketing, SEO, and analytics.

1. Offer cross-selling

In addition to the product that the customer is currently viewing or has already thrown into the shopping cart, offer similar or supplementary items. If someone orders a laptop, it makes sense to recommend a laptop bag. Sometimes it may also make sense to this cross-selling after the order. An e-mail with a great thank you offer can work well.

2. Only for a short time

An old marketing trick: offer certain products or prices only for a short time. This gives the customer fears of missing something if he does not strike immediately. Strangely, it still works very well today. A good way of implementation is also a follow-up e-mail: If a customer has ordered from you, he will receive an e-mail stating that as a thank you, he will get another product cheaper for the next x hours. Another advantage: they influence the classic “let me think” buyer. If he waits too long, the offer has expired. So he is forced to act. If he still does not order, he would not have ordered anyway.

3. Free shipping

Shipping costs often affect customers like hidden costs. The article is cheap, the shipping costs are high. Sometimes it makes sense to calculate the shipping costs in the product price, so you can advertise with free shipping strikingly. That also limited in time, pleased the customer, because he thinks he had a bargain.

4. Use social media

Depending on recommendations, every retailer is actually. Either by word of mouth propaganda, recommendations in the trade press, own advertising (that too is a kind of recommendation) and last but not least social media. Especially if your target group is familiar with social media like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, you should use all options here. Implement Like buttons, build a Facebook fan page or corporate page, and gain new fans through content in a fan or ads. Gradually, your network and generate social signals in the form of recommendations.

5. Adwords / Online Advertising

If you do not have that much traffic or you want more traffic to increase your conversions, you might think about AdWords management services or affiliate campaigns. You would not be the first person to get your conversions going with online advertising. I do not want to talk much about the possible forms of online advertising here. There are certainly some resources on the Internet. 26. Offline Marketing Measures There are countless ways to advertise your website offline and subsequently to increase your sales. Listing these here would go beyond the scope. Take a look at the SEO manual.

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6. Google A / B Testing tool

A / B tests have always been a suitable way to improve processes of all kinds whether it’s different banners to compare against each other, call-to-action buttons to test or different landing pages driven by newsletters or Adwords campaigns. Compare what it takes and try to increase from test to test. Winners of tests continue to re-test with other variants. Incidentally, Google is providing a great service with the Website Optimizer. Absolutely take a look.

7. Usability tests

Do you think your website is perfectly thought out and should be usable for everyone? Then you did not make the calculation with the DAU. The most stupid assuming user comes namely on websites and in online shops quickly times to skid and then no longer to the goal! Do yourself and your internet presence the favor and make usability tests with people of different age groups and persons with different previous knowledge. They do not believe in any place where users come to a halt and simply do not know what to do next. Set goals that these test users must meet and then evaluate where you need to improve.

8. Funnel analysis

With services like Google Analytics, you are able to analyze checkout processes by specifying the individual checkout steps as intermediate steps in a funnel analysis. You define a destination there (for example, the order confirmation page) and several intermediate steps. After some time, you will then be able to read in which step you will lose the potential customers. Then you can analyze why that is and if necessary react and optimize.

9. Search evaluation

Use a search function that allows you to evaluate. So you can find out what your customers are looking for and, if necessary, expand or change your product portfolio. If your search has no analytics, use Google Site Search.

10. More traffic

A very clear story: the more traffic through the right target group, the more chances you have on conversions. So use all the possibilities of search engine optimization and website promotion to generate as much traffic as possible. A page optimized for usability and conversions is great but without visitors, that will not do you much good.

11. More content/provider of texts

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More content will gradually lead to more traffic on your website. Since today’s content is king, you should consider here whether, in addition to your normal website, in addition to your online shop, you may not additionally offer content that will bring you the right visitors. Search engines today are increasingly focused on the content of web pages, less and less on technical parameters or links. Therefore, one should also take his chance and grab this easy to reach a branch. Usually, you know your target group and know exactly what they are looking for and want to know. Therefore, it is only a logical step to serve this search intention 100%. If one cannot write as much or as well as one would need, one resorts to external service providers for content production. The prices are attractive, the quality of the copywriter is very positive.

12. Left

Good link building can still massively influence the visibility of a website. This measure then ideally leads to more traffic and thus to more potential customers.

13. Rich snippets

Snippets are the small parts of a web page that are listed in the search results of a search engine like Google. Usually, these consist mainly of title, short description, and link. With rich snippets, you have the opportunity to upgrade these snippets. And with recommendation asterisks, author images, etc. Thus, you stand out from the other search results and possibly get more visitors. And we already know: more visitors to the target group mostly more sales.

14. Page-speed

The user has to feel good. If he is annoyed because your website is just totally lame, he may jump off. This should be prevented by a high-performance website. Incidentally, Google also wants your website to be fast. If you cannot guarantee a fast website, it can happen that Google prefers the competition because the user expects a better surfing experience there.

Conclusion: These were the ideas on how you can relatively easily increase sales on your own website. Of course, there’s more: So if you still have ideas, just comment.

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