A New Trade in Indian Market- Directs Selling Industry

A New Trade in Indian Market- Directs Selling Industry

Direct selling is considered the oldest and traditional form of business. From the very early days of selling products directly to the customers until now, it has been producing huge economic growth. In India, the direct selling industry is seen to be growing at a rapid rate for the last few years. It is expected to be producing more than 2 crores of jobs in the near future too. Most importantly they have been into the task of creating an economy and building a new industry in India.

Traditional direct selling concept

Direct selling was once believed to be the door to door sell. Representatives use to visit every door to sell their products. But technology has changed the definition of direct selling now. The door to door sell is an old concept now which has already been extinct. Now it has turned to mobile to mobile which is much easier, simpler and also modern. Every little thing can be done through the use of technology which is much more productive. Also, the technology has added up the speed to the business which evolved a new market of direct selling.

Modern direct selling concept

Coming to this industry, the direct selling market is more flexible when compared to any other market. It has accepted the technological upgradation in a much wider way. also, the change has been done in a faster way compared to the other industrial acceptance of the technology. Continuing the old process, it has kept itself changing with the technology, providing the best service to the customers. Meeting potential customers was once the basic rules of direct selling. Now with the technology, they have not eradicated the basic rules but added social media for more potential customers.

Technological support for the direct selling companies

Here is the main difference in the direct selling business from other business. It has not got totally erased their basic rules but upgraded it newer ways to fasten the speed. Let’s say you need to meet 10 potential customers, and then you may need 3 days to meet them. Whereas with the technology you can meet the 10 people at a time on a single day through the video conferencing. So the task of 3 days can be done in one day which added value to the business growth.

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Organizing seminars is a great task which is included in the direct selling business. The team has to meet up and get trained and skilled. Not only the team, but the customers also need to meet up and know more about their need and the company’s offers and new launches. Now this seminars has been indulged with the webinars which an address not only a limited number of people but a large number of people at the same time in a convenient way. The facebook LIVE or the YouTube LIVE is another way to get more and more people getting engaged in it. Thus it is now not the matter of a limited Geographical location but spread to wider areas. This is the best way to reach out to more and more people.

Another technological upgradation that is connecting people is mobile applications. It is a revolutionary evolution in the direct selling business. The mobile apps are helping the business personnel to handle their business in better ways and get updates whenever they want to do so. Also, they are getting the notifications of the business details immediately which are helping them to move much faster than before.

Facts about the direct selling companies

Here are some of the facts about the direct selling industries:

  • Direct selling is one of the suitable businesses for women empowerment as it manages time and place accordingly. This business can help to manage both personal and professional life at the same time.
  • Research says in 2015 more than 75% of women were already involved in the directs selling industry and it is growing at a rapid rate.
  • 58% if Indian unemployment is getting rid of the direct selling business. This is also being an alternative source of income for many households.
  • Expected that more than 10.6 million Indian will get involved in the 3 direct selling industry in 2025.
  • The Indian government is getting concerned about this business framework. They have taken steps to strengthen the business more legally.
  • Various guidelines have been declared by the government to support both the companies and the consumers too.
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Improvements required for direct selling companies

Well, the direct selling industry is still an emerging business. It needs much more improvements to get into the peak of industrial development. Here are some of the ideas which are required in direct selling companies

  • First and foremost need is an organization which is still not achieved by the companies. Most of the running companies are unorganized and need to be more professional. With different policies and schemes, they would be achieving the organizational needs very soon.
  • The consumer is an integral part of the direct selling industries. So they must be aware of the reliable and unreliable players in the market. For the unreliable ones, the government has been
  • Legitimate players should be easily accepted and funds transfer should be easy.


Wrapping up the article, trading is a concept which should be done in a tricky way. Indulging the technology into will also bring in much change to it. Direct selling is one among such trading which is still evolving. Many people are getting engaged in this industry. Due to its scope of earning the immediate profit, people are finding interest too. This is also perfect for women to have some alternative income source for them. Women empowerment is well being done by the direct selling companies. This industry shape up the people who are in it and get into the technical knowledge by training and seminars. They need no skilled personnel to get engaged in their industries.

So lets’ get rid of the unemployment through the direct selling process and get a new future which makes up the future of many people. India will see a new future with it.

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