A Kiddie Guide to Energy and Electricity

A Kiddie Guide to Energy and Electricity

Electricity is everywhere. Every electrical company in the Philippines does its best in making sure that every corner of the country can have electricity because it’s essential to human life.

The world today will not be able to work without electricity. We have become very reliant on energy to power up many aspects of our lives. For something so important, it’s seldom talked about with our children. In fact, the most common times that you talk with children about energy is when you’re probably teaching them about how dangerous it is.

This can instill to your children that electricity, although important is something that they should be scared of. This line of teaching can be detrimental to children.

It’s way better to educate them lightly about the subject instead of just scaring them about how electric shocks. To help you out with a slight lesson on electricity for kids, here’s a short guide!

What is Electricity and How is it Made

Electricity is a type of energy that is used to power up all of our appliances and devices. It’s what lets your TVs, your computers and your phones work as it is.

Defining electricity to its core will be very complicated as it would need at least a basic understanding of physics, force, energy, and atoms. However, it can always be defined as basically the energy provided by power companies.

Electricity is the form of energy that machines use. without it, all of the devices won’t be able to work.

That being said, where is electricity taken from? The answer to that question depends on what powerplants use to produce it.

There are renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Renewable sources include electricity made through windmills, through water dams, and even through sunlight (called solar energy). Non-renewable energy includes the use of oils, coals, and natural gas—all of which can and will be used up in the future.

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Most of the power that we use today are all produced from non-renewable energy—which means the more you use, the more of these coals, and oils will be gone forever.

Conserving Energy

Since most of the energy that you use on a daily basis comes from these non-renewable resources, it’s only right to try and conserve as much as we can so that they won’t run out any time soon.

It’s important to know that although there are some powerplants that make use of renewable energy sources, the amount of energy that they produce won’t be able to sustain what the world needs.

That being said, you should be careful with how much energy you use. by conserving energy, you don’t only contribute to a greater mission of preserving the little non-renewable resources that we have, but you’ll also be able to help your family save up money!

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of things that you can do to use less energy. Think of the many machines, appliances, and devices that you have in your home. When you decide to reduce your usage of these things, you’re technically conserving energy!

But of course, you can do so much more than that. For example:

You can choose to get energy-efficient appliances. You can replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones. You can also configure your home, particularly how furniture and windows are situated so that you can make air smoothly blow through your home, effectively serving as a means to freshen things up a bit.

Energy Conservation for Kids

Now you would think that the ones mentioned above are all things that are typical for a lot of adults. And that’s somewhat true. However, children still have a say around the house, so simply talking to your parents about how you can conserve energy goes a very long way.

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Don’t lose hope, however, there’s a lot of things that kids can do on their own to help conserve energy. Simple things such as turning off the lights, TVs, laundry machines, and any other device when they’re not in use, keeping the refrigerator door closed, keeping windows and doors shut when the air conditioning is on.

As it was said above, simply reducing the amount of time that you use appliances and devices will help greatly in conserving energy overall.

Key Takeaway

There’s not much that an electrical company in the Philippines needs to teach to kids about electricity apart from it’s something that is very important to conserve. As much as it’s dangerous to be careless when handling electrical devices, it’s much more important to think about preserving our current energy sources.

Teach your kids about electricity—particularly how important it is to conserve. Teach them what it means to be a person that respects the environment and would do what they can to save it. That way, they’ll grow up understanding the importance of not just conserving energy, but also preserving the environment!

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